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Lasso Webinar Series

Social Media Toolbox


Presenters: Andy Bergren, Chelsey Keenan
Date: April 21, 2016

About the Presentation

Are you a home builder who’s not sure how to use social media to connect with your buyers and unaware of the right strategies to drive leads and generate sales? You’ll leave this webinar with real tools and a plan that you can implement in your business TODAY!


  • How to start using social media to connect with customers, build relationships and increase business opportunities.
  • How to evaluate which social media sites will work most effectively for your business, as well as how to make sure your content is relevant to your customers.
  • How to grow your network, increase impressions, and generate action based on the content you are posting.

Join us for this free, 45-minute webinar, presented by Group Two Advertising’s Andy Bergren and Chelsey Keenan. Watch this video to learn more:

Andy Bergren

Andy Bergren

Andy Bergren is a Sr. Account Manager at Group Two Advertising, where he helps home builders develop marketing strategies that effectively reach and engage their key target audiences. Andy is a regular speaker whose passion lies in using technology and emerging trends to enable both sales and marketing to connect with and engage with a customer to create a positive buyer experience.
Chelsey Keenan

Chelsey Keenan

Chelsey Keenan brings a fresh, high-energy perspective to the home building industry. Her expert knowledge of the Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator helps builders better connect with their buyers through their content. Aside from giving builders a better understanding of the characteristics and decision-making styles of their buyer demographics, Chelsey also specializes in creating a presence for builders online and on site. Learn more at
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