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Shift Again: Rethinking Your Marketing and Sales Strategy

Lasso Webinar - Shift Happens


Presenters: Matt Riley, Group Two, and Chad Sanschagrin, Cannonball Moments
Date: Apr 15, 2021 

About the Presentation

Selling and marketing new homes has changed more in the last 12 months than it has over the previous 50. The housing industry has been launched into a massive shift, and the choice is to either embrace new ways of selling and marketing or be replaced by those who will. In this advanced session, understand how to shift your marketing strategy, mindset and sales processes in order to thrive in any market. Drawing from data-backed examples, you’ll learn how to adjust your messaging, accept necessary strategy changes and push your traffic, leads and sales into overdrive.

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Matt Riley

Matt Riley

Group Two

Matt Riley has invested the last 17 years of his career in the home building industry—from his first job as an on-site sales counselor to running sales and marketing operations of top 100 builders to his current role as vice president with the country’s leading marketing firm for home builders. Matt’s sales and marketing experience has expanded with the evolution of the digital age, specifically within the home building arena. He has applied his passion for “all things tech” to consistently deliver sales and marketing results that have created new benchmarks in the industry and continue to drive sales and profits for home builders across North America. Matt regularly speaks at NAHB’s IBS, Pacific Coast Builder Conference, Builder 20 Groups, and many other new home sales and marketing trainings and conferences. He was selected to Professional Builder’s 40 Under 40 in 2019 and was the 2020 Silver Award Winner of “One to Watch” and is the Co-Host of “Building Perspective”, a weekly podcast specifically designed to help share best practices in the homebuilding industry.

Chad Sanschagrin

Chad Sanschagrin

Cannonball Moments

Chad Sanschagrin is fulfilling his purpose in life by making a difference in the lives of others. He began his career in the hotel industry, as a hotel steward and convention houseman. After working his way up to Director level in several hotels, he woke up one day and wanted to do something different. He wanted to find his purpose and passion and entered real estate in 2008. He began working at Richmond American Homes where he became the top sales professional in the country. When he transitioned to new home sales, he discovered that the right leadership could transform the average mindset into an extraordinary one. Today, Chad owns his own company – Cannonball Moments where he coaches corporate leaders and sales teams around the country where he takes part in unleashing the potential of all his clients. Chad has an innate ability to relate to anyone and establish a relationship of trust and honesty. When he is not focused on becoming better at changing behaviors, Chad is an international speaker. He speaks to thousands of people each year, on how to have the life you truly want. This for him is, “living the dream.” In his free time, he attends his daughter’s basketball games, is an avid runner, reads about a book per week, and loves creating memorable moments to last a lifetime with his family.

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