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Revolution in Buyer Engagement:
How to Rise to their Expectations

Hiring an OSC Webinar


Presenter: Kimber Gabryszak, AtlasRTX
Date: Oct 28, 2021  9am PT | 12 Noon ET

About the Presentation

If you haven’t recognized the change in buyer expectations, it’s not too late. Over the last 18+ months, they have pivoted alarmingly to digital engagement, and expect you to have done the same. It is critical to a builder’s reputation to rise to their level. And engagement must not just stop once they have purchased a home! While phone and email are common ways, how can you incorporate text, chat, and digital assistants into the mix to ensure 24/7 accessibility, and should you?

Join us for the upcoming webinar with Kimber Gabryszak, Senior Director with AtlasRTX, where she will discuss how adding these methods into your communication mix can help you reach prospects and customers more effectively.

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Kimber Gabryszak

Kimber Gabryszak


Kimber is an Alaska-born expert in city planning, land development, and customer experience, with degrees ranging from Associate’s in Chinese to Master’s in City & Metropolitan Planning. After 14+ years in the development community, she left to join AtlasRTX with the goal of improving the customer experience for homebuyers, homebuilders, residents, and beyond. She and her husband have called Utah home for over a decade.

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