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Marketing by the Numbers: Skyrocket Your Sales & Marketing ROI with Fail-Proof Metrics


Presenters: Matt Riley, Group Two; Meredith Oliver, Meredith Communications; Dave Betcher, ECI Software Solutions
Date: March 10, 2020

About the Presentation

How well does your marketing measure up? Concerned you are wasting precious dollars on ineffective marketing campaigns? Good news! It all starts with knowing what to measure. In this advanced webinar, learn how to implement and evaluate key marketing analytics, and benchmark your marketing metrics against 35 home builders across North America. Discover how many sales to expect and project based on your website analytics. Learn how to market based on objective data versus subjective opinions. Join us and gain the data you need to be successful in 2020 and beyond!

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • Learn how to implement a metrics-focused marketing strategy resulting in a more methodical, data-driven and profitable marketing process.
  • Evaluate marketing analytics and discover how they compare to other builders across North America.
  • Understand how to analyze and interpret marketing analytics so to maximize ROI.
Meredith Oliver

Meredith Oliver

Meredith Communications

Meredith Oliver, CSP, MIRM is the Chief Digital Marketing Strategist and President of Meredith Communications, a digital marketing agency specializing in home builder marketing. A building industry veteran, Meredith has nineteen years of experience helping builders sell more homes with digital marketing.

Matt Riley

Matt Riley

Group Two

Matt Riley has invested the last 17 years of his career in the home building industry—from his first job as an on-site sales counselor to running sales and marketing operations of top 100 builders to his current role as vice president with the country’s leading marketing firm for home builders. Matt’s sales and marketing experience has expanded with the evolution of the digital age, specifically within the home building arena. He has applied his passion for “all things tech” to consistently deliver sales and marketing results that have created new benchmarks in the industry and continue to drive sales and profits for home builders across North America. Matt regularly speaks at NAHB’s IBS, Pacific Coast Builder Conference, Builder 20 Groups, and many other new home sales and marketing trainings and conferences. He was selected to Professional Builder’s 40 Under 40 in 2019 and was the 2020 Silver Award Winner of “One to Watch”!

Dave Betcher

Dave Betcher

ECI Software Solutions

Dave has been in the home building industry for almost 20 years and has been an executive with Lasso Data Systems since its inception. He has presented the benefits and best practices of technology in marketing, sales and customer service to builders and developers around the globe including the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe. Dave has trained over 1,000 builder representatives, both onsite and online, about the power of CRM.

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