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How to Market to Millennial Home Buyers


Presenter: Andy Bergren
Date: March 9, 2017

About the Presentation predicts Millennials will soon make up 33% of the market. Zillow is also predicting that Millennials will play a significant role in increasing the homeownership rate this year.

So how do you reach these buyers?

This 1-hour webinar with Group Two Advertising and Lasso CRM will offer real insights and strategies that you can implement in your business TODAY. You’ll learn:

  • What makes a Millennial buyer unique
  • Which marketing strategies connect most with this instrumental group
  • How to purposefully engage and motivate Millennials to take action

Please join us!

BONUS: Read the webinar Q&A here.

Andy Bergren

Andy Bergren

Sr. Account Manager, Group Two Advertising

Andy Bergren is a Sr. Account Manager at Group Two Advertising, where he helps home builders develop marketing strategies that effectively reach and engage their key target audiences. Andy is a regular speaker whose passion lies in using technology and emerging trends to enable both sales and marketing to connect with and engage with a customer to create a positive buyer experience.
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