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How Do I Get My Digital Marketing to Drive Leads?


Presenter: Andy Bergren
Date: October 17, 2017

About the Presentation

It is estimated that home builders spend about 30 percent of their marketing budgets on online campaigns. Nearly 100% of home shoppers do some kind of research on the web. You know consumers are online, and your campaigns are working to reach them, but how do you drive them to sign up on your website?
In this 45-minute Lasso Webinar presented by Group Two’s Andy Bergren, we’ll explore real tools, strategies and best practices to drive more leads from your digital marketing efforts.
You’ll learn:
  • How to stimulate and capture interest from home buyers
  • What strategies will drive leads and sales
  • How to analyze and measure your ROI
Andy Bergren

Andy Bergren

Sr. Account Manager, Group Two Advertising

Andy Bergren is a Sr. Account Manager at Group Two Advertising, where he helps home builders develop marketing strategies that effectively reach and engage their key target audiences. Andy is a regular speaker whose passion lies in using technology and emerging trends to enable both sales and marketing to connect with and engage with a customer to create a positive buyer experience.
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