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Hiring a Unicorn: Finding the Right OSC

Hiring an OSC Webinar


Presenter: Leah Fellows, Blue Gypsy Inc

About the Presentation

If 2020 has taught us anything it’s that the role of the Online Sales Counselor (OSC) is more important than ever before. Buyers have started their home search online for decades, but this inciting incident has finally caused many new home builders to rush out and start up online sales. But are you doing it right? It all starts with who you hire.

In this session you will learn:

  • To identify unique qualities and skills that set an OSC apart from any other role in your company
  • Interviewing tips and tricks to find that Unicorn
  • How to set your Unicorn up for success

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Leah Fellows

Leah Fellows

Blue Gypsy Inc

Leah is a national online sales trainer for the new home sales industry. She’s an outstanding speaker, creative writer, and after 13 years of living and traveling abroad, she landed a job as an online sales counselor (OSC)and then founded Blue Gypsy Inc in 2010.

As an OSC, she was passionate about people and driven by the thrill of overturning objections and helping people find the home of their dreams. Now her inspiration is assisting builders to create sales by implementing and training unique individuals who hold her passions and values. And she helps builders hire unicorns!

After years of managing thousands of leads, fielding countless emails and phone calls, overturning a myriad of objections, and setting appointments to help make sales for builders, she created and perfected her online sales training program. Built on the principles, she learned from real-world experience; she crafts her training to the needs of her clients. The majority of builders still have not implemented this crucial dedicated role in their organizations.

Leah brings a unique relatable quality to all her interactions, accredited to a diverse life experience. Her life’s path took her around the world and has held positions as a sailboat captain, and a dive instructor before settling into the real estate world.

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