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Game On! The Cheat Codes of New Home Sales


Presenter: Mar’Sue Haffner, Sales Solve Everything
Date: Sep 10, 2019

About the Presentation

A “cheat code” is a method, password or code used by video gamers to advance levels, reveal important clues or get special powers. The select few who know them are at a distinct advantage over their competitors. There are cheat codes for new home sales professionals, too; they come in the form of “ah-ha” moments that change the way you sell.

In this 45-minute webinar, Mar’Sue Haffner, Partner & National Sales Trainer for Sales Solve Everything, unlocks the secrets for making more appointments, demonstrating value for price-sensitive buyers, quickly identifying buyer types, delivering a perfect close, and more. You’ll leave armed with the cheat codes to help you get to the sale faster and beat the competition.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Learn to make more appointments and execute more contracts by following the cheat codes for making true connections with customers.
  • Discover the cheat codes for creating product value in our current environment of pricing pressure.
  • Decrease the risk of “low ball offers” that forfeit company profits by using the cheat code that helps you identify your buyer and chose a close that works best for them.
Mar’Sue Haffner

Mar’Sue Haffner

Partner & National Sales Trainer

Mar’Sue is Partner & National Sales Trainer at Sales Solve Everything. She is a captivating and experienced Speaker and Trainer who offers a unique global perspective gained from her travels around the world. Her style is sincere, fresh and fun, and her audiences benefit from her authentic experiences. Mar’Sue is a Toastmaster and Keynote Speaker, having addressed countless crowds at National Sales and Marketing Councils across the country, Wordbook Encyclopedia, The International Builders Show, as well as local and national homebuilders.

Mar’Sue’s latest keynote is entitled “A Passionate Pursuit: Life, Liberty and Legacy”. Her favorite seminars to present are those which have the greatest impact on sales results including: Stop Being Out Negotiated; Psychometric Selling; Sensitivity and the Multi-Cultural Buyer; There is Power in Personality, Selling is a Romance Language, The Cheat Codes of New Home Sales and The Story Behind the Lines.

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