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Email Marketing: What Should We Say?


Presenter: Angela McKay, ECI Software Solutions
Date: June 26, 2020

About the Presentation

​This isn’t a session about design or deliverability, it’s a session about creating a strategy. What to say, how to craft your messages, incorporating story-telling and creative elements into your email marketing to generate engagement and genuine interest in your homes. How to attract the interest of today’s home buyer by addressing the problem they are solving. It’s that simple!

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Formulate a communication strategy based on the stage and type of prospects
  • Evaluate how your email strategy has been impacted—positively or negatively—by the pandemic.
  • Develop future playbooks for relevant, effective communications
  • Plan and develop communication strategies based on how your message is received.
  • Know what to send next!
  • Focus on providing what your buyers need and less about what you do
Angela McKay

Angela McKay

ECI Software Solutions

With Lasso for over 11 years, Angela is currently responsible for the overall customer experience at Lasso. She works with clients to help them achieve value from the software and by working with all teams internally to ensure that the entire customer journey from initial interest through to purchase and beyond is positive. Additionally, Angela works with industry sales and marketing partners to develop joint education resources for homebuilding professionals. Angela has an extensive marketing background, previously being responsible for marketing at Lasso, where she focused on online strategies for the North American homebuilder market. She also consults to and helps clients who use Lasso CRM, providing online strategy and email marketing expertise to help homebuilders achieve better results. In addition to her work at Lasso, Angela is actively involved with NAHB’s Professional Women in Building as the former Communications and Education Chair. Representing PWB, Angela has facilitated leadership sessions and presented on branding and the influence of the female buyer.

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