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Double Down for New Home Sales Success | Part 2


Presenter: Roland Nairnsey
Date: September 13, 2018

About the Presentation

Learn how to master your sales presentation from the moment your prospect walks in the door!

In this special, 2-part Lasso Webinar, Kimberly Mackey and Roland Nairnsey will deal you a winning hand of tools and tips to make the sales process seamless for your prospects. You’ll learn how to:

  • Use the ‘Meet & Greet’ to establish rapport, build trust, and set up the entire presentation
  • Qualify & Discover – Learn the ‘ why’ instead of the ‘what’
  • Recognize & Understand non-verbal communication
  • Negotiate/Close

September 6th | Questions are the Answers | with Kimberly Mackey

Kimberly will take you on a quest with your prospect to learn the why, not just the what. Asking the right questions, at the right time allows you to peel back the layers and gives you a deeper understanding of exactly how you can help your prospects. Simply put, you can close more because you opened better and built a stronger relationship right from the start.

September 13th | Increase Sales with Purposeful Selling | with Roland Nairnsey

Roland will teach you how to increase sales with an intentional sales process, while having fun. You will learn how to communicate, listen and connect at the Mastery level, advanced presentation principles such as the “Paradox of Choice,” demonstration with context, close as You go, narrow down choices without confusion, and closing tips proven to work in today’s market.

View Part 1 of “Double Down for New Home Sales Success” with Kimberly Mackey here.

Roland Nairnsey

Roland Nairnsey

New Home Sales Coach

Roland Nairnsey is an expert sales trainer, coach, motivator, author and speaker. He has been a real estate sales and thought leader for almost three decades, and is a highly popular and sought-after new home sales coach. Roland has personally sold over $750 million in real estate, and has coached sales teams to increase sales and customer satisfaction, with yearly sales in the billions.

For over a decade, Roland has been a national sales trainer, training thousands of new home salespeople and REALTORS® throughout the United States and Canada, and with students from as far away as India and Australia. He is excited to be back fulfilling his passion of coaching salespeople to success and to be the owner of his new company, New Home Sales Coach.

Roland is a noted author on selling and closing, writing for The National Association of Home Builders magazine, Selling Power, and more. He has spoken many times at the International Builders Show and is a fixture at SEBC in Orlando. He is currently writing his first book, Mastery of Closing: How to Increase Your Sales, Connect with More Clients, Sell with Integrity & Create the Perfect Client Experience. He was a speaker at the NAHB Sales Rally at IBS in January 2018.

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