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Beyond Advertising: Why Marketing Matters More Than Ever

Beyond Advertising Webinar


Presenter: Kevin Oakley, Do You Convert
Date: Mar 18, 2021

About the Presentation

In the best housing market ever running too many ads can actually be harmful to both your onsite and online sales teams – as well as to the customer experience.

In this webinar, Kevin Oakley from Do You Convert will outline the areas of focus for marketers that will help solve current challenges AND set up your organization for success when market conditions change. Marketing is about solving all kinds of problems for external and internal customers. Fight off distraction and remain laser focused on the work to be done and you’ll be able to gain market share in a down market with relative ease.

What you will learn:

  • Which areas to focus your energy and investment in, and which to avoid
  • How to properly vet new technology solutions and “expert” opinions
  • Why the most creative marketers are actually the bravest – not the most creative

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Kevin Oakley

Kevin Oakley

Do You Convert

Kevin Oakley has over 15 years of experience running marketing and sales operations for home builders of all shapes, sizes, and areas of expertise. Kevin has worked for two different multi-billion dollar revenue builders as well as for a private family owned builder. He’s been intimately involved with the development, marketing, and sale of over 2 billion dollars in new homes.

Kevin’s extensive background and time spent in the trenches allows him to uniquely connect with the challenges you face in today’s market. From launching new communities, increasing online lead volume or conversion, improving your customer’s experience, lowering marketing costs, strategic planning, and so much more – he has an outline for success.

Kevin is the author of Presale Without Fail: The Secret to Launching New Communities with Maximum Results, and the host of the Market Proof Marketing podcast.

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