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Show Your Leads Some Love: 5 Proven Methods to Connect with Customers


Presenter: Mike Lyon, DoYouConvert
Date: Feb 13, 2020

About the Presentation

Valentine’s Day is approaching so let’s put some heart into your follow up. Move past automation and make the customer experience automagical!

Join Mike Lyon for a fun and actionable training where he reveals five proven methods to increase customer engagement. Combine personality with process to reach a whole new level of responsiveness from your leads.

Mike Lyon

Mike Lyon

Do You Convert

Mike Lyon has accumulated a wealth of real world knowledge and firsthand experience in the realm of online marketing and sales for home builders. He delivers his information from the trenches and draws from his diverse background in online advertising, digital design, and internet sales. Mike speaks with authority about online conversion rates and best practices that can be implemented to boost sales from internet leads. He is recognized as one of the top innovators in online lead generation and conversion for the home building and real estate industries. A highly sought-after consultant and speaker, Mike has worked with many of the top 100 home builders.

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