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Tuskes Homes Success Story

How Company Culture Led to 100% CRM Adoption

Interview with Martha Clifford of Tuskes Homes

Tuskes Homes is a family-owned business with over 50 years of building experience in the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania. The company has accomplished a 100% adoption and usage rate of their CRM – a difficult task for any team. To learn how they did it, we interviewed Martha Clifford, Marketing Director and Online Sales Counselor for Tuskes Homes. It all comes down to company culture, investing in team members, and frankly, not giving them a choice. 🙂

For background, how many communities is Tuskes actively selling? How many homes built per year?

Currently we have 10 communities in all different stages.  Six of them are active, four of them are closeouts, and a couple are “Coming Soon” communities.  Any given year we may sell 75-125 homes.

Describe your company culture, in general?

We are a third generation, family-owned homebuilder, and have been building homes in our community for over 50 years.  Our company culture is small, but mighty. It’s casual, fun, and powered by a great team of super driven people who are passionate about homebuilding.  We work hard and play hard!

What’s the role of Lasso CRM within your company?

Lasso plays a huge role within our company.  It drives our sales and marketing.  It allows our sales team to stay organized, focused, and in front of our prospects. They have more quality time to spend with our customers, which in turn results in more sales.  Our OSC (me) is able to react quickly to incoming leads and conduct efficient and appropriate follow-up with these prospects depending on where they are in the sales process.

Lasso also offers integrations and tools that make it easy to automatically import leads from numerous sources and allow us to start working with them right away.  Over the past six years that our company has used Lasso we have seen a higher and more steady contribution from the online sales program.  Currently, the online department contributes to 78 percent of all of sales, which is huge!  Everyone within our organization understands the role Lasso plays in our overall success and growth.

Lasso plays a huge role within our company. It drives our sales and marketing. It allows our sales team to stay organized, focused, and in front of our prospects.

– Martha Clifford

How do you “sell” Lasso to new employees? How do you get them to understand the benefit?

They don’t really have a choice!  Lasso is a big part of our hiring process. We are very clear upfront when considering new team members to gauge how they feel about our online sales program and make sure they know that it 100 percent plays a role in how we follow up with customers and sell and market our homes.  We won’t consider hiring someone we feel may not adopt Lasso.  We have an efficient and well-established online sales program at this time.  It is easy to sell the benefit of using Lasso when we can show them with sales and statistics the benefits they stand to reap from using it.

How many employees use Lasso?

In total we have nine users including our leader, Michael Tuskes, a marketing assistant, myself (marketing director / OSC), sales manager, and our sales team which is comprised of five community specialists.  All of these users, including management (important to note), are fully competent in using Lasso and are active daily users.  I can’t think of a day since I started working with the company that I haven’t logged in.  The key to Lasso is in its users, though.  If you don’t have high adoption from the team using it then most likely you are not going to see great results.  It is as only good as the team using it and the data put in it.  Take the time to make sure your employees are educated on the benefits of Lasso and have great training available to them!

Describe your role as your company’s CRM Champion.

I direct and manage our online sales program in addition to directing our marketing. As an OSC it is my responsibility to see that all of our leads are responded to on-demand and followed up within the short-term and long-term.  During this process, I may send customers right away to a community, but sometimes it can take months and years of long-term follow-up with these customers to generate an appointment. Simply stated, the main goal is for me to set appointments for these leads with our sales team.  In turn, it is their goal to generate a sale out of the appointment. A lot of that involves variations of follow-up processes and email marketing that Lasso allows me easily to do.

With our sales manager, I make sure that our sales team is staying on top of CRM best practices, training, and of course their follow-up.  One unique perspective and advantage to managing the direction of our marketing and handling all of our leads is that it is easy for me to see how and where all of our leads are coming from. Having this knowledge allows me to pivot and change when we see the need for it.

At the end of the day, it is my duty to stay in front of our customers and competitors with quality follow-up and never to leave a lead behind.

Describe your approach to training new employees on Lasso. 

Any new users are given one-on-one training with our OSC. This is usually comprised of a couple sessions of going over the basics of the sales center and our follow-up processes. We will simulate adding a user/prospect and having them go through mock follow-ups with them. They are also made familiar with Lasso’s tools available in the Lasso Help Center which also has training videos, webinars, and guides.  They are given enough tools so that if they were in a sale center they would at least be able to enter a prospect and start follow-up with them.  As time goes on we layer email marketing and some other next-level areas of Lasso.  They are monitored and always have ongoing support with our OSC and sales manager.

Over the past six years that we’ve used Lasso, we’ve seen a higher and more steady contribution from the online sales program.  Currently, the online department contributes to 78% of all of sales.

– Martha Clifford

How do you motivate employees to continue using Lasso on a daily basis?

Easily! The sales that are generated as a result of it being used!  Also, Lasso is very transparent – we can see if a user is not following up or using it daily.  We have such high acceptance of the benefits of using it that we really have never had issues with employees not using it. We have had very little to no pushback with our OSC and sales team since starting to work with Lasso.

What type of ongoing training do you do for Lasso, specifically?

We encourage our team to sign up for any webinars or training that Lasso offers.  Besides the ongoing webinars, there is a huge library of specific topics that can be explored.  Additionally, we always take time at each sales meeting to cover a topic, whether it be database housekeeping, best practices, new features, etc.  There is also a lot of one-on-one training on specific topics we will cover with our sales teams based on their needs.

How has using Lasso improved your business?

Year-over-year Lasso has allowed us to grow our sales and remain profitable.   Having a dedicated CRM and database of leads allows us to be much more efficient with staying on top of follow-up and the sales process, which in turn means less wasted time and more sales.  We are able to market effectively and directly to the prospects specifically interested in our homes.  The structure and processes Lasso provides leads to increased profitability.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about how your team uses Lasso?  

The Lasso team is great to work with!  They’re always there to help, listen to feedback, and actually implement the feedback!

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