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Remembering Jerry

Jerry Bauer, our President, passed away unexpectedly on August 26, while hiking with his partner and best friend Paige Calvert. Jerry was an extraordinary leader who lived every day with unbound enthusiasm, drive, compassion, good humor, and a laugh that was downright infectious.

Like all great leaders, Jerry was curious and an amazing listener who always put his team first. Always.

Jerry, you are deeply missed by all of us at Lasso.

How The Lasso Family Describes Jerry

The Lasso Team Remembers Jerry

“With bells on: I was going through a bit of a slump throughout the month prior to Jerry’s passing. Work was hectic and stressful, and my family responsibilities were ramping up. It was the end of the work day on Friday. On his way out, Jerry popped his head in and said his regular good bye, then asked if I was okay. He noticed that I was looking a bit down as of late. We talked about it. We talked about the problems I was solving at work, we talked about family, we talked about ideas and products that would make Lasso better. It was great. Being one of the few that regularly comes into the office, I feel honoured to have had the chance to talk with Jerry, often. To have off the cuff conversations, at times unrelated to work. Sometimes we would just say our hi’s and goodbye’s, and that was just fine. That night Jerry said something different on his way out. He said this: I’ll see you on Monday, and with bells on! I asked what it means to have “bells on”. I learned later that it meant to bring enthusiasm with you. In retrospect, I feel that this phrase nicely describes Jerry. No matter how stressed he was, no matter how bad things looked, Jerry always had his bells on. His enthusiasm and optimism were among his greatest strengths. Jerry brought this positive energy to Lasso and touched everyone with it. For that I’m thankful. I’m sure wherever Jerry is now, he’s definitely there with bells on. You will be missed Jerry.”

Andrew Kwok
Sr. Developer

“Once while having a one-to-one with Jerry I noticed a painting on the wall behind him. Curious, I inquired about its origin. Jerry began to tell me about how he was backpacking sometime after university (in a country which I can’t remember). Walking down the street with a backpack, he spied the painting and felt compelled to purchase it from a local merchant. For the rest of his trip he juggled a backpack and painting, making sure no harm came to the artistic creation that found a home in his house. Every time I think about this story I see Jerry walking down a claustrophobic alleyway littered with vendors. In a backpack all his clothes and painting in hand destined for a wall in Vancouver.”

“I honestly didn’t know Jerry well as we had very few interactions. However, I do recognize what an enormous impact he had on the company as a whole, and on individual employees and clients. He was a strong and kind leader. He would reach out to me once in awhile to see what I needed and to provide assistance. Those times were much appreciated.”

“I miss Jerry. He and I made similar life choices, and I felt a connection in those. We shared a lot of values on how to go about our jobs, and I took a lot of guidance from him. I was looking forward to learning from him over the next few years as Lasso grew. I will remember Jerry.”

“Funny story: Jerry gave me a raise and sent me a nice congratulatory email that indicated that I would be getting less than before, and that it was retroactive!”

“Jerry worked at two speeds fast and faster. He was open to new ideas and always gave thought to what people suggested, even if it seemed insane. Sometimes he would come to the conclusion it was insane, but he would always give it a chance.”