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Easier. Collaborate. Focus.

Our mantra, ever since launching Lasso in 2005, has been to:

✔ Make selling easier
✔ Collaborate with users
✔ Focus

Our software must make it easier for people to do their daily tasks and routines, communicate, build relationships, and radically improve their results.

Collaboration with progressive builders, developers, and agencies in finding ways to leverage technology to improve how to market and sell new homes has been invaluable throughout our journey. Thank you to our clients and partners for your great ideas, ongoing participation, and insightful feedback!

We also believe focusing on the building industry all day everyday, gives us the best opportunity to align our software and expertise to your needs to make a measurable positive difference in your business.

Today, Lasso is used by over 500 builders on 1000’s of residential developments and has helped builders sell tens of billions of dollars in real estate worldwide. As marketing, sales, technology, and innovation advance, we are driven to be at the hub for new home sales.

“Lasso is my whole job! It drives what I do each day. I couldn’t live without it!”
Lyndsey Smith
CBH Homes

“I knew we needed a CRM and Lasso was the immediate go-to choice…”
Steve Ruggiero
Kimberley Homes

“Simply put – Lasso CRM created immediate results for our online program.” Steve Shoemaker
Ideal Homes