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CRM for Online Sales Counselors

Everything you need to set more appointments.

Creating, scheduling, and following up on appointments involve spending a lot of time on the phone and doing large amounts of digital follow-up (email, video emails, SMS) — at a high volume every day and with little downtime. Lasso is like an OSC’s dream come true — let it help you do the work booking amazingly qualified appointments.

What Our Clients Say

Helping builders grow their business for more than a decade, Lasso can help your team manage leads more efficiently.

Barbara DiBrito, Online Advisor for Keystone Custom Homes, discusses how she sets up to 100 appointments a month using Lasso’s follow-up process.

Nanette Overly, VP of Sales & Marketing at Epcon Communities, discusses how Epcon’s Online Sales Counselor converts 50% of appointments to contract using Lasso.

Carol Delk, Internet Sales Consultant for Holiday Builders, explains how Lasso is her cyber secretary, allowing her to track and follow-up daily with over 4,000 leads.

Builders who use Lasso consistently see 30-300% improvement in conversions

Capture every lead, from every online source.

Set and confirm appointments across multiple communities.

Respond fast, even when the lead is still on your website.

Share notes and history throughout the home buying cycle.

Make follow up a breeze, for hundreds or thousands of unique leads each month.

Prospects will love the smooth hand off from the online to onsite team.