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New Home Sales Plus offers expert advice in new home sales training from world-renowned sales trainer, coach, motivator, author, and speaker, Roland Nairnsey. Roland has been a real estate sales and thought leader for over three decades, personally selling well over 750 million dollars in home sales and coaching sales teams to increase sales and customer satisfaction, with yearly sales in the many billions.  He is a “hands on” sales coach and his many clients enjoy that his training is both highly informative and fun, but mainly that he helps them get RESULTS.

Roland has presented the following Lasso Webinar:

Double Down for New Home Sales Success

How to Create Championship Winning Sales Teams

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Roland Nairnsey with New Home Sales Plus explains how one of his builder clients used Lasso to grow their sales, resulting in a stand-out year.

Find Out Why Lasso is the
#1 CRM for New Home Sales