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CRM for Marketers

Send more quality leads to sales

With limited resources and tight budgets of often less than 1% of revenue, it’s critical to maximize every dollar of your marketing spend to drive both the right quality and quantity of leads to the online and onsite teams. Use Lasso to capture, target, and communicate with every lead right from their initial interest through closing, move-in, and beyond.

What Our Clients Say

Helping builders grow their business for more than a decade, Lasso can help your team manage leads more efficiently.

Chris Hartley, VP of Sales & Marketing for Dunhill & Nathan Carlisle Homes in Dallas, TX, describes how Lasso CRM has helped the company grow 96% in the last two years.

Jessi Kelly, Regional Sales Manager for Stylecraft Builders in Texas, describes how Lasso has kept her team organized as they grew from building 300 to 600 homes in four years, with a 30 percent lead-to-buyer conversion rate.

Micah Dueck, Sales & Marketing Manager for Homes by Avi in Edmonton, has seen a 15-20% difference in sales, year-over-year, since the company has implemented Lasso CRM.

Builders who use Lasso consistently see 30-300% improvement in conversions

Capture every lead from every source.

Know what pages prospects are visiting on your website.

Pinpoint your best lead sources.

Create ‘smart lists’ to get better results from targeted marketing campaigns.

Use built-in email and builder specific templates for grand openings, REALTOR® events, announcements, and more.

Unleash the hidden value of your leads database on future communities.

Find out why Lasso is the #1 CRM for New Home Sales