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Level Homes Success Story

Changing Lives One Follow-Up at a Time

Interview with John Christy of Level Homes

John Christy is Director of Sales for Level Homes’ Raleigh division. The home building company was founded in 2000 in Baton Rouge, LA, and 12 years later, expanded into North Carolina. Since then, John and his team have led their division in rapid growth; in August 2017 they were on track to close 200 homes for the year, half of the projected sales for the entire company.

When the Raleigh division first launched in 2012, sales agents were using traditional registration cards and tracking appointments with pen and paper. Realizing this system would not allow them to scale, they moved to generic CRM software, which proved to be clunky and ineffective.

It’s not about perfection, it’s about progress, and we feel Lasso helps us to keep progressing.

–  John Christy, Level Homes

Just over two years ago, John heard about Lasso while attending the Jeff Shore Sales Leadership Summit. Needing a system that would help his team manage growing prospect and client numbers, he moved quickly to implement and launch Lasso. Now, Level Homes’ ROI is much more meaningful than just increased appointments and sales. Below, John tells the story of one home buyer who stood out, and how Lasso helped them close the deal.

Lasso: Let’s start off with your experience in getting Lasso up and running. The Level Homes team had used a CRM system previously; how did your team react to Lasso?

John: When we first started with Lasso, we had just three salespeople, but they were experienced and had struggled with other CRM systems before. They found Lasso extremely easy to use. We’re now up to seven salespeople in our division and will be growing exponentially this year, adding five to six more communities. Lasso has been that catalyst that took us through the growth period. Even our brand new people have latched onto it with just a quick training call or two.

Lasso: What has been the impact of Lasso and its sales processes?

John: I’ll just tell you a quick story. A couple of Sundays ago, I was at a community and some clients walked in. I introduced myself and when the lady told me her name, I immediately remembered numerous notes and history that I had seen in Lasso and via email. This buyer had really struggled financially. She’d gone through a bankruptcy after a bad divorce, and was trying to get into her first home so that she and her child could have a fresh start.

As I started talking with her, I remembered all the follow-up we had to do. It was a long, intensive process, and we took a gamble on her situation. She ended up going to bankruptcy court, and shockingly to everybody, got approved. She and her child literally broke down in tears in front of me. They were so excited, hugging each other, and high fiving us.

Lasso has really been our partner to stay in contact with people like this client, and to us, that’s what it’s all about. It’s the ability not just to sell a home, but to change somebody’s world in a way that makes an impact. Now her family has a place for a fresh start, a place to make memories. Lasso was our partner to follow up consistently to make that happen.

Lasso has been that catalyst that took us through the growth period. Even our brand new people have latched onto it with just a quick training call or two.

–  John Christy, Level Homes

Lasso: What does it mean to you, as Director of Sales, to be confident that people aren’t slipping through the cracks anymore?

John: When we look at a ratio and have 12 visitors, then end up with two sales in a community, it’s not just about the two that we helped. Sometimes it’s about the ten that we didn’t. Lasso helps us to laser in on the people we didn’t capture right away and find out why, how we followed up, and if it worked. If it didn’t, we make adjustments for future clients. So, even if we don’t hit the mark exactly, it allows us to still make progress. One of the things we talk about all the time is, it’s not about perfection, it’s about progress, and we feel Lasso helps us to keep progressing.

Lasso: How do you see Lasso contributing to long-term growth?

John: We’ve accomplished a certain amount with Lasso, but I always challenge my team to do more. Part of what we are focusing on now is our follow-up campaigns being stronger, personalizing them more, not just being generic.

A lot of attention in the sales world is focused on, “We sold this many million dollars.” A few years ago, we really made a shift in our organization. We stopped handing out plaques with numbers on them. At the end of the year, we present our sales team with a plaque with the names of everybody they sold a home to throughout the course of that year.

We try to create a culture where we remember that it’s not a lot number, it’s not a contract. There’s a person, there’s a human story there. If we connect with the human story, that’s going to bring us other referrals. We’ll put those people right into Lasso, and we’ll continue to follow up with them. There will eventually be another life that we’re able to change.

Lasso: What would you say to someone considering Lasso?

John: When we considered Lasso at the start, being a small builder, we had to look closely at the cost. What I came to find out is that the cost really wasn’t an issue, it was that I couldn’t NOT invest this money if I really wanted to grow. The question is not what it’s costing us, but rather what it’s worth to us.

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