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Lasso Data Export Service

Get More Insight Into Your Sales & Marketing Activities

Use the Lasso Data Export Service to dig deeper into your data and drive more informed business decisions. No need to import your data into spreadsheets–access your data directly from your business intelligence software and start building your own custom reports!

Access your data directly from the most popular business intelligence or analytics tools

Access your Lasso data directly from your business intelligence software. The Lasso Data Export Service works with tools such as PowerBI, Tableau, Google Data Studio, or any tools that connect via JDBC/ODBC.

Big Data or Excel User? The Lasso Export Data Service allows you to access your data via CSV or Parquet files so you can still use your favorite tools such as Excel or SQL Server to access your data.

Up-to-Date Reporting

Create your own reports using your BI tools and get insight into the performance of your team or project. Find out information such as:

  • How fast your team responds to registrants when they sign up
  • What time of day mass mails get the most opens or clicks
  • How your ad spend impacts the number of leads generated

What Our Clients Say

“One of the most important things any business can be investing in right now is how to understand better and utilize their data. Understanding what the data is telling you to do is the lifeline of your business. A key to that is the ability to organize your data in a way that makes sense to you. Now that our reporting tools can directly access data from Lasso CRM, we can build much more insightful, and impactful reports and dashboards for our marketing partners and that is game changing!”
Matt Riley


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