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Home Builder CRM

Single family and master planned developments

The #1 CRM for New Home Sales

Whether you are a large, medium, or small builder we know there’s a lot of moving parts and challenges to successfully market and sell your communities. That’s why, for more than a decade, our team has been 100% focused on providing home builder CRM software that improves conversions and sales results. Easier. Faster.

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How can Lasso CRM help you?

Give your team the tools for success—get results

As a manager responsible for sales volume and profitability, you need to depend on your team to consistently achieve their monthly targets — no one wants forecasting to be like a day at the casino. With Lasso, you’ll always have insightful information at your command to coach performance and forecast accurately. And your team, no matter the size, will have the right tools to consistently achieve at a high level.

Send more qualified leads to sales
With limited resources and tight budgets of often less than 1% of revenue, it’s critical to maximize every dollar of your marketing spend to drive both the right quality and quantity of leads to the online and onsite teams. Use Lasso to capture, target, and communicate with every lead right from their initial interest through closing, move-in, and beyond.
Follow-up faster and set more appointments

Creating, scheduling, and following up on appointments involve spending a lot of time on the phone and doing large amounts of digital follow-up (email, video emails, SMS) — at a high volume every day and with little downtime. Lasso is like an OSC’s dream come true — let it help you do the work booking more qualified appointments.

Leave no lead behind—nurture all your leads
Being a new home sales professional is not easy! Hitting sales targets, presale presentations, construction updates, keeping contracts together, final walk-throughs, meetings with other departments, and reports for management are all part of ‘a day in the life’ in sales. Use Lasso to stay super organized and on top of all your activities so you can focus on what really matters – your prospects and purchasers.

Get To Know Lasso CRM

Watch this 2-minute video to learn how Lasso can keep your team organized, informed and connected so you can focus on what really matters – building deeper relationships with prospects and selling more homes.

What Our Clients Say

Helping home builders grow their business for more than a decade, Lasso can help your team manage leads more efficiently and sell more homes.

Tricia Brennan, Vice President of Brennan Builders, attributes increased sales, an easier sales process, and improved reporting to Lasso – all within one year of using the system.

Jessi Kelly, Regional Sales Manager for Stylecraft Builders in Texas, describes how Lasso has kept her team organized as they grew from building 300 to 600 homes in four years, with a 30 percent lead-to-buyer conversion rate.
Micah Dueck, Sales & Marketing Manager for Homes by Avi in Edmonton, has seen a 15-20% difference in sales, year-over-year, since the company has implemented Lasso CRM.

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#1 CRM for New Home Sales