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7 Steps to Rapid CRM Success

By Dave Clements, Lasso CEO & Dave Betcher, Lasso VP of Sales

CRM is becoming increasingly important for home builders and developers of all descriptions to keep pace with how homes are bought and sold today – via the Internet. Buyers are highly informed and expect relevant, quality information delivered to them quickly. A CRM system custom-built for home builders and developers can provide the technology to deliver on that expectation.

This guide will list 7 key steps to deploying and adopting CRM software quickly so that benefits can be achieved in less than 30 days.

You’ll learn why and how to:

  • List Key Priorities
  • Identify Guiding Sponsors
  • Get Buy-In from Users
  • Deploy in Less than 30 Days
  • Establish Commons Sales Methodology
  • Train, Train, Train
  • Leverage Ongoing Support

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