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GDPR: The Individual Five Rights

How Lasso Helps Clients Respond to Personal Data Requests

Lasso will provide the following client support to address an EU’s registrant’s expanded individual rights under the legislation when it takes effect.

  • Right to be forgotten: If you receive a request to delete an individual from the EU, please forward that to Lasso support and we well ensure all personal data is deleted within one month.
  • Right to object: Clients are able to opt-out any of their registrants from one or more projects from within Lasso in order to meet this requirement. If clients have any challenges handling such a request, please reach out to Lasso support for assistance.
  • Right to rectification: If a registrant requests any changes or updates to their registrant details and contact information, clients are able to share the current information as well as update it directly with the registrant from the Registrant Details page in Lasso. If you have any challenges responding to a request, please reach out to Lasso support for assistance
  • Right of access: We currently store some or all of the following data on a client’s registrants in order to support a client’s sales and marketing initiatives and business needs with industry leading sales and marketing CRM features and solutions, for the sole purpose of providing clients with value they expect from Lasso’s product and services. Lasso does not use this data for any other purposes for either Lasso or other 3rd parties that are not directly related to client specific needs.If a client receives a request from a registrant for a complete recap of their personal information and data owned by the client but stored in Lasso’s systems, the client can forward the personal data request on to Lasso Support and we will provide this information to the registrant directly within 5 business days or less. The registrant data stored in Lasso systems could include the following:
    • Names
    • Physical addresses
    • Spouse/partner/child name
    • Email addresses
    • Responses to “Questions and Answers” as defined by the client
    • Website visit history, e.g. IP addresses
  • Right of portability: You may export any of your lists, or selected information within any custom list and export it at any time from Lasso to fulfill data requests from EU registrants

If you have questions regarding the above, please contact