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CRM Consulting Services

Our Team Can Help You Convert More Leads


Maximize the value of your database.

The Lasso Consulting Team can improve lead generation, streamline your sales process, enhance your marketing materials, evolve your sales culture, and ultimately increase conversions.

Our Services


Define Your Selling Process

Persistence, consistency and relevance are key to building a meaningful relationship. The day an agent stops calling or writing is often the day that prospect becomes involved with another sales professional.

But many agents limit regular follow up to their best leads and realtors. Unqualified or unresponsive leads are left out with only sporadic information or follow up. There is often no strategy or repeatable actions to initiate all contacts, call-backs, and appointments.

We can help you develop the right sales strategy your business needs to sell more homes. Contact us to learn more.

Services Offered:
  • Sales Process Setup
  • Sales Process Email Template Review
  • Sales Performance Secret Shop
  • Sales Cycle & Funnel Analysis
  • Customer Experience Review

Create Effective Messaging

Consistent follow up is only as good as the quality of the content within the messaging. With the volume and variety of communication that prospects receive in their inbox each day, it is critical that your message stand out from the ‘others’. Content not only is wording – it’s the look and feel, logical calls to action, and technical functionality in your email messaging.

We create a series of pre-defined email templates with effective content, format, and call to action that can be inserted into the pre-defined sales process.

Contact us to learn how we can help you create more effective messaging.

Services Offered:
  • Email Marketing Content & Strategy
  • Sales Process Email Template Review

Supercharged User Training

Sales agents and OSCs are busy with a myriad of daily tasks and responsibilities. Some agents differentiate themselves by using technology to sell. But for many leveraging CRM and other technology tools to sell is commonly underestimated, underappreciated, and underutilized.

Basic training for users focused on “how” to use Lasso has been an important component to overall sales and marketing strategy. What is just as important is educating smaller groups or teams of agents on “Why” a sales agent should use Lasso.

Contact us to learn more about our Supercharged User Training for your sales team.

Services Offered:
  • Sales Team Bootcamp
  • Lasso OSC Training
  • Lasso for Managers & Reports

Know Your Data

The health of the database directly impacts lead engagement, prospect conversions, usage, and the quality of insightful information gained by executive teams. For larger clients, unless regular data management techniques are used, data quality and consistency of their prospect database typically degrades over time. This results in inefficiencies in follow-up activity, messaging, sales execution, and reporting.

We can help clean up your CRM so you can more effectively sell and market your homes.  Contact us to learn more.

Services Offered:
  • Lasso Audit & Data Management
  • Google Data Studio Reports

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