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Jagoe Homes

Jagoe Homes

Why Lasso?

Jagoe Homes was looking for a system to track and nurture ALL leads – not just the most qualified. Within two months of implementing the system, using Lasso’s follow-up processes, the team wrote two contracts from an aged lead list. Lasso has brought a renewed energy to the sales team, who are excited about how easily they can communicate with leads and prospects. Jagoe Homes’ managers also use Lasso as a coaching tool, to make sure teams stay on track and achieve their goals.

Jennifer Lucas, Online Sales Manager with Jagoe Homes discusses how Lasso has helped their marketing by streamlining the lead capture process and providing the functionality and flexibility they need to support their email marketing programs.

David Crowe with Jagoe Homes discusses how, using Lasso’s follow-up processes, his team secured sales from aged leads that hadn’t been touched in months.


Jagoe Homes has emphasized quality and value for their customers for more than 70 years. As a family-owned and operated business based in Owensboro, Kentucky, they view their buyers as friends and neighbors because, in many cases, they are. They are committed to bringing the latest in innovative construction techniques, new home design and community site design to their residential developments. Jagoe Homes builders around 300 homes per year. Learn more at

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