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Client Testimonials

Find out how our clients use Lasso CRM to sell more new homes and condos, easier and faster.

Bill Panebianco, Vice-President of Sales & Marketing with Pratt Home Builders discusses why his sales team loves Lasso, how it helps them sell more homes, makes it easy to use, and works for the building industry.

Jennifer Lucas, Online Sales Manager with Jagoe Homes discusses how Lasso has helped their marketing by streamlining the lead capture process and providing the functionality and flexibility they need to support their email marketing programs.

Mackenzie Bishop, Owner of Abrazo Homes shares how Lasso allowed them to streamline follow-up and ensure home buyers were receiving a consistent sales experience. Since using Lasso, Abrazo Homes has more than doubled the number of homes closed.

Lindsay Haltom, Director of Marketing with Homes by Taber discusses how Lasso helps them better understand where their leads are coming from, and attributes much of their growth and success to using Lasso to manage their prospects.

Ingrid Prince, Director of Online Sales and NAHB Silver Award Winner for OSC of the Year 2017, discusses how Lasso CRM makes it easier for OSCs to be follow up with all their leads and improve show rates.
Whitney Harvey, VP of Sales and Marketing for Magnolia Homes discusses how the Lasso CRM + AtlasRTX integration has resulted in a 60% increase in engagement from leads, 20% reduction in advertising costs, and 50% increase in sales conversions.

Jessi Kelly, Regional Sales Manager for Stylecraft Builders in Texas, describes how Lasso has kept her team organized as they grew from building 300 to 600 homes in four years, with a 30 percent lead-to-buyer conversion rate.

Micah Dueck, Sales & Marketing Manager for Homes by Avi in Edmonton, has seen a 15-20% difference in sales, year-over-year, since the company has implemented Lasso CRM.

Tricia Brennan, Vice President of Brennan Builders, attributes increased sales, an easier sales process, and improved reporting to Lasso – all within one year of using the system.

Jodi Palin, VP of Sales & Marketing for Summit Homes, explains how Lasso has helped her management team streamline day-to-day operations and helps sales maintain a 30% lead conversion ratio.
Nanette Overly, VP of Sales & Marketing at Epcon Communities, discusses how Epcon’s Online Sales Counselor converts 50% of appointments to contract using Lasso.
Barbara DiBrito, Online Advisor for Keystone Custom Homes, discusses how she sets up to 100 appointments a month using Lasso’s follow-up process.

John Christy, Director of Sales for Level Homes – Raleigh, views Lasso as a partner to help his team convert leads faster and smarter, leading to a better client experience. Within two months of using Lasso in conjunction with an Online Sales Counselor, response rates from online leads doubled.

Steve Ruggiero, President of Kimberley Homes, discusses how Lasso has become the center of his team’s online sales environment.
Adam Brunning, Sales and Marketing Director for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Georgia Properties, discusses how his sales team uses Lasso to convert not only A prospects, but B, C and even D prospects.
Renee Magee, Online Sales Counselor, and Jenn Nowalk, Director of Sales and Marketing, of Homes by Dickerson discuss how Lasso has enabled them to convert 22% of online leads to sales.
Melanie Briggs, Sales Director for MLA Canada in Vancouver, describes how Lasso is the company’s largest organizational system, and how it fosters the relationship between marketing and sales. Over the last 10 years, MAC/MLA has managed over 100 developer projects using Lasso CRM.
Jennifer Barkan, Online Sales Consultant for Rose & Womble Realty, describes how she launched her company’s online sales program with Lasso, and grew sales by 40 percent.
Chris Hartley, VP of Sales & Marketing for Dunhill & Nathan Carlisle Homes in Dallas, TX, describes how Lasso CRM has helped the company grow 96% in the last two years.
Melissa Koning, Sales & Marketing Manager for KirE Builders in San Diego, explains how Lasso helps keep the corporate team informed and home buyers engaged throughout the sales process.
Robin Owens, Online Sales Counselor for Simmons Homes, explains how Lasso centers her sales activities for up to 10 communities at a time.
Kerri Woodward, Sales and Marketing Manager for Chesapeake Homes, discusses exactly how Lasso’s support team makes the onboarding process quick and easy.
David Crowe with Jagoe Homes discusses how, using Lasso’s follow-up processes, his team secured sales from aged leads that hadn’t been touched in months.
Steve Whaley, Corporate Marketing Manager for Fischer Homes, discusses how Lasso was the proven solution to facilitate his company’s pilot online sales program.
Carol Delk, Internet Sales Consultant for Holiday Builders, explains how Lasso is her cyber secretary, allowing her to track and follow-up daily with over 4,000 leads.

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