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Success Stories

Bob Rayman

Boby Rayman, Internet Sales Manager with Timberlake Homes discusses how Lasso CRM has helped them drive sales and marketing to record success levels.

Jason Harper, Sales Manager with Hunter Quinn Homes discusses how Lasso CRM has helped them with lead management, structure, and accountability.

Martha Clifford, Marketing Director and Online Sales Counselor for Tuskes Homes in Pennsylvania, explains how her company achieved 100% adoption and usage of Lasso CRM.
John Christy, Director of Sales for Level Homes in North Carolina, explains how Lasso contributes to an ROI much more meaningful than just increased appointments and sales.
Dianne Gordonn, General Manager for Rose & Womble Realty’s New Homes Division, describes how Lasso has helped her sales agents hit the ball out of the park when it comes to prospect follow-up. Company sales grew by 40% within 3 years of implementing Lasso.
Veronica Porter, Marketing Director for Adams Homes, described how she re-launched the company’s online sales program with Lasso’s training and support.
Challenger Homes’ story is one of both steady success and rapid growth. The company began 17 years ago as a start-up in the owner’s garage. Through a commitment to making life better for local families, they grew quickly and diversified their product line. Today, Challenger Homes is the #1 builder in Colorado Springs, CO. Here’s how Lasso CRM is helping them manage company growth.
Nianne van Bibber, Online Concierge for Pacesetter Homes in Texas, describes how Lasso’s sales processes enabled her team to contribute 40% of total sales in 2017.