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Win Hearts and Minds (And More Sales) with Lasso's Social ConnectEarlier this month, we introduced a new social media tool called Social Connect that enables Lasso users to gain deeper knowledge about new home sales leads, prospects and purchasers.

Once a prospect’s email address is entered into the database, all social media accounts are immediately located and displayed right in the profile screen, along with the prospect’s photo. Marketing Managers, Sales Agents, and Online Sales Counselors simply click on a social icon to see what the prospect is up to.

It’s great to have access to this information, but what should you actually DO with it? How can you use it to ultimately drive sales? Here are a few suggestions:

Connect with prospects on an individual basis in a low-pressure, non-sales environment.

Now that you can see their social activity, don’t just silently stalk your prospects! Selling homes is all about creating and nurturing relationships, and being a helpful resource. Stay top-of-mind by interacting through Likes, Tweets or +1’s, and sharing useful information on your own pages. Remember though, people use social media to be social, so don’t wear out your welcome by bombarding prospects with heavy sales messages.

Lasso CRM's Social ConnectEngage on the social network where they are most likely to respond.

Take some time to see where your prospect is most active, and engage with them there. Just because they have five different social media accounts doesn’t mean they use (or like) them all.

Eliminate frustrating searches to find the right social profile.

We’ve all been there – you’re trying to find someone on social media, but they use a different “handle” from their real name. Social Connect searches using the prospect’s unique email address, so you know you’ve found the right person.

Tailor your next sales presentation based on interests and likes.

Once you’ve “friended” or followed your prospect on social media, you’ll be able to determine what their interests and motivations are. For example, if they’re constantly posting about being stuck in traffic, or always doting on their new puppy, when they come in for a second showing, demonstrate alternate traffic routes from your community, or be sure to walk past the new dog park. These small considerations could mean a world of difference in your prospect’s quality of life, and it shows your dedication to help them achieve it.

Raise brand awareness.

Ultimately, you want to use Social Connect to keep you and your community top-of-mind with prospects, and to share helpful, relevant information without being overbearing. If you’re a salesperson, your strengths are connecting with people so that they like and trust you enough to buy a home from you. Now, with Social Connect, you can extend those talents from onsite to online.

If you have any questions about using Social Connect, email

If you’d like to learn more about Social Connect and using Lasso CRM for new home sales and marketing, email


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