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Planning is paramount to future CRM success“Just as you would have your construction team start building a community from architectural plans and drawings, having your sales leadership team follow planning steps will lay a rock solid foundation for CRM Success.” 7 Steps to Rapid CRM Success

We often speak with clients who have struggled with some aspect of CRM – like getting sales teams to input data or use sales processes – but they just aren’t sure how to resolve them. The best solution may actually be a re-launch or “reintroduction” of your CRM process, but this time carefully planned. For new clients, these issues can be minimized, or avoided completely, if they are planned for at the beginning.

Everyone needs, and most already have, a contact database. That is, some system to record and store prospect information. But it’s what we’re able to do with that data that gives us insight into our customers, allows us to target them with relevant and timely information, and defines what CRM is.

CRM can equip your sales teams with powerful information, so it’ s important to identify what your business goals are in order to leverage that data. Do you want to respond to leads faster? Pinpoint the most effective marketing sources? Send targeted email campaigns to segments of your database? By identifying what your goals are, and working closely with your CRM support team, you’re able to tailor your system to help meet them.

There are other factors to consider when deploying a new CRM system. Who within the company will oversee and advocate use? How will you train your sales teams? More importantly, how will you help them understand the value and benefit of CRM?

By setting defined goals and having a plan in place to meet them, you’ll get the most from your CRM system. You wouldn’t start building a new community without blueprints or launch a marketing campaign without a plan. The same principles apply equally to CRM.

For details on how to plan your CRM success, download 7 Steps to Rapid CRM Success, or contact a Lasso team member at

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