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We all know that a lead nurturing strategy is an important part of new home sales. Not all leads are ready to make a purchase right away and there needs to be a strategy in place to help them through the process to become “sales-ready”.  The challenge comes when we sometimes misinterpret what that process should be. Brian Carroll and Mike Volpe, two highly regarded inbound marketing experts have written countless posts about lead nurturing. I recently came across a couple of posts that they each wrote a few years ago. Despite the age of the post, they still ring true and provide excellent insight into the challenges and perhaps misinterpretations of lead nurturing and why some companies’ lead nurturing plans fail. Definitely worth a read!

Lead nurturing is more than just a drip email marketing campaign whereby mass email is sent every month to a prospect and then follow-up calls are made to ask if they are ready to buy. Some of these tactics may bring on some success sporadically and there’s no question that email marketing plays an important role in a lead nurturing strategy; but we can’t lose site of the need to be personal.

The definition of nurture is to foster, help develop, and grow.  The goal of a lead nurturing program should be to develop a relationship whereby you have an engaged prospect who is interested in knowing more.  Lead nurturing is a conversation where relevant content is key.  With homebuilder sales software, like Lasso, the registrant information that you can build upon is tremendous.  We call it lead intelligence and it allows you to identify and record preferences from all aspects of your interaction with your leads and prospects –  whether it’s telephone conversations, visits to the sales center, visits to your website, what links they clicked on in email, etc.. Over time, the profile becomes more extensive and valuable, and allows you to really target the specific areas of interest.

Today’s homebuyer purchasers are more savvy than ever before; they are also hungry for information – but hungry for information that matters to them which is not always what matters to you!  New homebuyers are looking to improve their life.  You are there to find out how you can help them and then do it!  Accomplish this and your lead nurturing strategy will be well on the way to success.

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