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Spring has finally arrived – the weather is warming, people are enjoying the outdoors, and home buying season is in full swing. Many home builders and developers are seeing more qualified traffic now than they have in months, which means sales professionals are busy!

So busy, in fact, that many only have time to engage with the hottest prospects – the “low hanging fruit” that walk into the sales center or register online. Generally speaking, of a builder’s total online leads, only about 20 percent are engaged. What happens to the “quiet” 80 percent – prospects who have to wait because they have a home to sell, need to get their finances together, or any other reason?

For many builders, nothing.

According to the 2017 Online Lead Follow-Up Survey, 64 percent of home builders never emailed an online lead, and a whopping 91 percent didn’t call when a phone number was provided. And according to the State of online Lead Follow-up in 2018 survey, builders are only somewhat satisfied with their teams’ follow-up efforts.

Builders who follow up consistently see upwards of 30 percent of all sales originating with online leads. Imagine how much your market share could increase by just following up with every single lead. How do you do it? With CRM custom-built for new home sales.

CRM Manages Follow-Up For You

Over the past five years, CRM has become a cornerstone for every successful home builder and developer. In this age of instant communication and strong competition, it’s expected that builders will pursue potential buyers with fast, relevant information. If you’re not, the next builder is – and that’s who will win the sale. CRM helps you stay top-of-mind with automated sales processes and activity reminders. Pre-formatted email templates and phone scripts make follow-up fast and easy for sales professionals. Website analytics help track your prospects’ interests so you can personalize communication to their particular needs.

But We’re Too Busy to Set Up a new CRM

There’s a common misconception that CRM takes months of painstaking effort to launch. It’s simply not true. It’s actually the planning done before implementation that can make or break a successful launch. Do you know your business goals? Do you have an Online Sales Counselor in place? Do you have a follow-up methodology that can be automated? Do you have a CRM champion? By checking off certain planning items like these, your CRM system can be up and running within 30 days.

We’ll Wait Until Things Slow Down

If you wait a few months until the “slow” season to consider a new CRM, you will have missed potentially hundreds of opportunities. Start effectively nurturing these relationships now so that you can avoid a slow sales season later. The tools are available to create brand awareness, increase your sales agents’ credibility, and drive more sales – but only if you get started today.

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