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New Orleans Saints Training Camp

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Ongoing training is a critical factor in determining long-term CRM success and making the most of available features that are meant to convert leads into prospects and buyers. When implementing new homebuilder software or sales processes, we often focus intently on training when the system is new, and become more lax as time goes on. The result is often incomplete or inaccurate data, team members not leveraging sales-producing activities, and a powerful system rendered ineffective by lack of proper use.

As online marketing expert Mike Lyon said, “A [CRM] system is only as powerful as the information you put in, and the people who use it.”  A sales person who is entering notes and activities, setting follow-up reminders, assigning ratings-based sales process to prospects, and sending regular communication is statistically more likely to close more deals. But market conditions and processes do change (and sometimes bad habits are developed) and that occasionally necessitates revisiting best practices.

For example, if a salesperson forgets the steps necessary to populate a custom sales report, it prompts a domino effect: information is not entered, opportunities for follow-up are overlooked, results are not measured, and there’s no means to determine what went wrong along the way. Or, if your marketing department integrates a new listing service or landing page with your CRM, but your sales team doesn’t know or understand where new leads are coming from, they may not reply with the most relevant information. By regularly demonstrating proper database use and reiterating it’s importance, both sales teams and managers are better equipped to do their jobs.

As your CRM provider rolls out additional features or upgrades to the system, it’s important to take advantage of training sessions and webinars that explain the updates. If a dynamic new feature is added that will enhance prospect communication or streamline operations, it does you no good if your team isn’t required to learn about and make use of it.

With market conditions improving and home sales picking up, it can be daunting to find the time for ongoing training. A realistic approach is to plan team training sessions quarterly or semi-annually, and conduct individual training for each new hire. At Lasso, we offer professionally-led training sessions either onsite or online, and are readily available to lend whatever time or resources are necessary for you to fully reap the benefits of CRM.

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