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When to Use Lasso's Self Serve Registrant Updates

Lasso users have access to an advanced feature that allows registrants to update their own contact information in real time, allows the client to survey their database, and even enables event registration. It’s called Self Serve Registrant Updates (SSRU), and here we’ll share some ways our clients use it.

Keep Your Database Clean

As an email marketer, it’s so important to your sender reputation that you keep your lists as clean as possible. Not only do you want valid email addresses, but you also only want to target people who are interested in hearing from you. By sending out an SSRU, the lead or prospect can update their own contact preferences, including the type of emails they wish to receive from you (i.e. newsletters, product updates, event invitations, etc). They can also update their contact information. Often online registrations provide you with minimal information; using an SSRU provides an opportunity to ask for more information – like a phone number or a secondary email address, etc.

Lasso's Self Serve Registrant Updates (SSRU)


Gather Information via Surveys

It’s useful to survey segments of your database occasionally to make sure your sales and marketing programs are on track. For example, this is an excellent way to gather information following a brokers’ open house or launch event. You’re able to get feedback on pricing, amenities and finishes in order to make important decisions that could increase sales.

Lasso's Self Serve Registrant Updates (SSRU)


Collect Event Registrations

Let’s say you’re launching a new community or phase of your project. You’ve got a list of interested prospects and you’d like to host a grand opening. Events cost time and money, so it’s important to prepare for them with an RSVP list. Rather than using a 3rd party RSVP service, you can add an SSRU to an email (so that it looks like an invitation) with the event details and ask people to indicate whether or not they can attend. With the lists housed in the same application as your email marketing, it’s easy to send reminders and thank you messages following the event.

Lasso's Self Serve Registrant Updates (SSRU)


For more information on using Lasso’s SSRU feature, please contact our Client Support Team at

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