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We’ve already spoken about how to create a sales process. It’s been established time and time again in sales that the most effective method of engaging with prospects is by implementing a defined sales process. But as the market changes and prospects’ needs shift, so too should your sales process.

How do we know when it’s time to adjust our sales process? Here are a few indicators:

  • Is the buying cycle of your prospects getting longer or shorter? If you find that it’s taking your prospects longer and longer to make a decision, it would be worthwhile to determine how you can engage with them more frequently, and with more valuable information.
  • Are your salespeople sharing the same information that prospects can find on their own?  If so, what’s the point? Your website content is meant to provoke an action, then the salesperson should take the ball and run with it by delivering targeted information that only a knowledgeable professional can. Rethink the content you are sharing during the sales process, and if you can withhold more or less according to the needs of the prospect.
  • Would an Online Sales Counselor (OSC) make the sales process even more efficient? In 2013, builders who employed an Online Sales Counselor saw a 98% response rate from leads. Non-OSC builders – only a 60% response rate.* Considering that with proper follow-up, 20-25% of online leads will convert to appointments, that’s quite a discrepancy. If you are in the 60% range, that’s definitely a sign you need an OSC to handle most of the sales process on behalf of your on-site team.

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*Source: The 2013 Online Lead Follow-Up Survey
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