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Formula for Success: Recap of the Lasso Webinar with Ralph Williams

Highlights from the Lasso Webinar with Ralph Williams

We recently hosted a webinar with Ralph Williams, CEO of Sales Solve Everything, called “Managing Yourself to Greater and Consistent Sales Success.” Ralph shared his secret formula for successfully and consistently selling new homes.


The Formula for Consistent Sales Success

What if you knew the formula for predicting your sales? Would you use it? Would you commit yourself to it? And would you stick with it long enough for it to work?

Based on his own successful sales career, Ralph devised an approach that focused on consistency. He measured everything he did during the sales process to figure out exactly how to sell more homes. In his research, he found the magic formula for success:

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Below is a summary from the webinar highlighting what these numbers mean and how you can use these concepts to sell more homes.


8 Appointments: Make them Real and Build Your Pipeline

The number of appointments gauges the strength and depth of your sales pipeline. You need at least eight appointments every single week. That doesn’t necessarily mean eight separate prospects, but ideally, two to three families going through the buying process.

For example, if you have an appointment with a family on Monday, then set an appointment with them on Saturday. On Saturday, set an appointment for Sunday. This counts for three appointments.  Repeat the process with at least two other families to get to your goal of eight appointments for the week.

If you have eight appointments with eight separate people during the week, you would probably have zero sales, since you’re not building the required interest.


5 Shows: The Magic Number

Five represents the minimum number of shows each week to make one sale. It’s the magic number. Increase this number and your conversion will increase at a higher rate.

It doesn’t matter if it was the same family two times and one family three times, if you have five shows you’re likely going to have a sale that week.

If you are having fewer than five shows, you need to look at whether your appointments were real:

  • Did they have a specific time?
  • Did they have a specific date?
  • Did you include a purpose?

If your shows didn’t have all of these elements, you need to know what happened. If the appointment fits into a real category, then there are two other factors that it should have: obligation and urgency. Every single appointment should have some form of obligation and urgency.

Schedule your appointments with the same customer in close intervals to keep the buying process hot and the sale moving forward. Appointments Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday with the same prospect usually equals a sale.


1 Sale: Closing Business Every Week

One sale every week is a good goal regardless of the price of the homes you’re selling. If you want more than one sale per week then you have to increase your number of appointments and your number of shows.

If you find that you’re not closing a sale with five shows a week, you need to improve your closing skills to increase this number. It’s important to hold yourself accountable to getting a sale every single week.

Re-inspect what you’ve done and then improve on that by asking, “What can I do next week so that I can make my sales? How many more appointments do I have to get, how many shows?”


Celebrate Success

When you make a sale, let the world know. People buy where other people are buying. All your campaigns, including social, should let people know that you’re selling homes. People want to be in a successful neighborhood.


Watch Ralph Williams’ full webinar here.

To learn more about Ralph Williams and Sales Solve Everything’s training packages and workshops, visit

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