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How do you go about crafting your mass mail messages? Are you thinking like a prospect when you're creating the copy and the images? What are you doing to entice the recipient to open the email and take action? Are you updating the message depending on the audience?

If you can answer all these questions, you're likely well on your way to successful email marketing! Often this is easier said than done and many factors come into play when creating your message. More often than not, email is created quickly and a lot of testing or time for proper messaging is not possible. It's happened to all of us – you're under a time crunch, there's an event happening this weekend and an email needs to go out today to let everyone know – copy is done quickly, the subject line lacks excitement and proper list segmentation isn't done so everyone gets the same message and yes, everyone gets the message, not just those who have asked for it.

This post won't solve all of these issues, but let's address a few key areas that will help when you're under a time crunch and you absolutely have to get that email out but you also want to improve deliverability and your open rates.

  1. The Sender – think about how you react to messages you receive and whether you delete a message, or not. If you don't know the sender, or it's not recognizable where they are from, the email likely gets deleted. Use a familiar email address. That may be someone specific, or it may be a generic email address that includes your company name as the user name. whatever you decide, be consistent.
  2. The Subject Line – we don't all have the wit to create emails like the ones from Marketing Profs (a favourite of mine), but here are a couple of things to point out. The subject line is important. This is the one line that will likely determine whether someone opens your email or marks it for delete. TYPING EVERYTHING IN UPPER CASE doesn't help (in fact, it will likely hinder your performance). Try to put your company name or project name in the subject (especially if your sender is a person's name – see above point). Make it relevant and enticing. Think about what compels you to open an email. Ask for help (and opinions . . . there's likely no shortage of these when you ask!)
  3. Don't be wordy. Keep the important part of the message “above the fold” (the top part of the email, before someone has to start scrolling) and avoid writing scads of text. Entice the recipient with words to get them to click to your website and save the detailed information for the website.
  4. A good balance of images and text. Ensure that the message can still be understood even if images aren't appearing.
  5. What's your call to action? What are you trying to achieve in the email? What's the purpose? Make sure it's clear to the recipient so you get the results you want.
  6. Tweak Your Messages – maybe you need more than one version of the email. Are you sending the same message to everyone? Consider modifying the email based on segmented lists. Send a different message to Realtors vs home buyers and perhaps different again to those who have answered specific questions. Yes, this takes a bit longer but could be well worth it from a success perspective.
  7. Ask your email recipients what they want to receive – setup subscription options so prospects can pick and choose what they want to receive. You may end up with a smaller list but it will be more targeted and I promise you higher open rates!

Before you begin your next email campaign, start by thinking like your prospect when creating the email and keep your message short and to the point.

So many real estate professionals are tapped for time these days. If this is the case for you, Lasso would be happy to help design email templates for your campaigns. Contact for more information.

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