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Referral traffic denotes the visitors to your website that find you – not by punching in key words to a search engine – but instead by finding you through a variety of other methods.

There are two ways to gain referral traffic. One is self-generated. The other comes through link building from partner websites, and others that like what you offer and posts links back to your site.

Self-generated referral traffic consists primarily of three main avenues.

  1. Social Media – You can utilize your social media channels such as twitter, facebook, linkedin, and pinterest among other sites to generate links back to your website.
  2. Blogs and Forums – You can engage in blogs and forums where your potential client profile may hang out, and leave links back to your website from various comments and discussions.
  3. Pay-per-click – (PPC) ads like google adwords will assist with referral traffic based on specific targeted key words.

Other referral traffic may come from partner websites, and others sites linking back to your website because they want to promote what you do, sell, or say.

Referral traffic drives targeted visitors to your website and helps to increase your page rankings on search engines so other visitors can find you organically.  As you analyze where your referral traffic is coming from you can learn a lot about your potential buyer.  What are their likes? Where are they coming from? Where do they hang out on the web? You can then tailor your calls to action to the particular traffic you are gaining from these websites. You can also refine your information to appeal on a greater level to your client base and driver further traffic to your website.

With proper analysis you can also learn more about your influencers. Not only will you see which key words are working in adwords campaigns, but you will also see which referring pages are working for you in gaining more traffic. These factors will help you learn where to put your energy and marketing dollars to engage with your prospect pool. Is it on social media, is it on blogs and forums? Which sites of authority attract your buyers and send them to you and how can you become more engaged with those sites? These are all observations to make in order to increase your referring traffic.  You can then refine your information and offerings to further target traffic from these sites.

As you begin to pay attention to your referral traffic, you will be better able to target your message and your efforts in driving traffic to your site so you can begin the lead nurturing process.

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