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Thinking person with question marks.Recently at Lasso, we launched an initiative to thoroughly scrub our database. We went through almost every registrant and updated notes, ratings and contact info, and merged duplicates. There were some prospects, however, who weren’t ready, willing or able to implement a home builder CRM system. Undoubtedly, you have your fair share of unqualified leads as well. So, what do you do with them? Are they still valuable? The answer is yes!

Leads can be unqualified for a number of reasons, and just because they don’t qualify for a home today, doesn’t mean they won’t qualify in six months to a year. This is particularly true of internet leads who are marked unqualified because they are unresponsive. Also, if a lead is truly interested in your community, but it isn’t right for them, he or she could become a terrific advocate on your behalf – if they are given the right information.

Here are some suggestions to reaching out to and engaging unqualified leads without investing too much time and effort:

  1. Never delete a lead from your database. It’s better to share valuable, periodic information than none at all.  Life circumstances can quickly change.
  2. Create a unique email marketing campaign for unqualified leads. Once you’ve identified and grouped your leads, send them a self-serve registrant update so they can update their contact info and preferences.
  3. Send a newsletter and call unqualified leads at regular intervals (perhaps quarterly) with updates on the housing market, financing, interest rates, and special incentives, as well as community successes and updates.
  4. If there is a significant change in pricing or availability, let them know. This could impact their purchasing power.

By providing unqualified leads with information and updates, your community will be top of mind when they are ready, able and willing to buy. And if they never purchase a home with you, they’ll at least have the information to share with their friends and family who may be in the market.

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