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Would you and your management team like to receive regular emails that provide you with a quick look at the week’s current lead and sales activity? This up-to-date information is now available in a scheduled email called the Weekly Snapshot Report. See how many leads came in as well as the number of activities that occurred during the week for each project.

The Weekly Snapshot Report contains the following information:

  • Leads and Sources including Total New Leads, Online Registrations, and Walk Ins
  • Activity including Visits, Emails, Phone Calls, and Mass Mails
  • Sales including Firm, Closed, and Cancelled units of inventory (for clients using Lasso Inventory edition)

For email recipients with the appropriate Lasso login and user permissions, clicking on a project name in the report will log an email recipient into Lasso. Clicking on a number in the Leads and Sources and Activity sections brings up the relevant list of Registrants in Lasso, allowing the User to take action immediately. Clicking on a number in the Sales section displays the list of inventory. Including the Sales section in the report is optional and dependent on whether you are using the Inventory module of Lasso.

Ask your Client Administrator to set up the Weekly Snapshot for you. They will need the following:

  • Specific time that the email is to go out on an hourly, weekly, monthly, or one-time basis
  • Lasso Users and/or email addresses of report recipients
  • Projects to be included in report
  • Source Types to be included in totals for Total New Leads and Walk Ins columns
  • History Types to be included in totals for Visits, Emails, and Phone Calls columns

If you have questions or need assistance, please let us know at .

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