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Now you can gain valuable insight into your leads and prospects' actions and buying interests on your project website … even before you make a phone call!

Over 80% of new home buyers start their search on the web. This is a pretty radical change from even a few years ago. What does this mean?

Quite simply it means that:

  • real estate project's website is more important than ever.
  • Finding ways to get traffic to your website is vital.
  • Knowing key information about your website traffic, where they spend time on your site and how many times they visit is intrinsic to relationship building and selling.

Improve your sales team and your marketing intelligence with Lasso's new Website and Lead Tracking for one or more of your projects. A 60-day free trial test drive available now!

Sales will know exactly what web pages were visited, what forms were filled out, and how the site was found. Have information at your finger tips to determine prospect interest level and sales-readiness, plus differentiate yourself from the competition.
And receive real-time email alerts every time a prospect comes back to visit your website!

Track website and lead traffic:

  • Number of visitors, number of repeat visitors and number of new Registrants.
  • Website pages a Registrant has viewed as well as how many visits they have made to your site.
  • Your lead sources/referrals – is it organic search or paid search that has the biggest impact for you?

Creating blogs, link-building, and pay-per-click campaigns are all popular ways to generate interest and traffic to your website. Many new home builders and developers are using facebook ads, Twitter,Google Adwords and websites like to establish a strong presence on the internet and generate traffic to their project website.

Lasso's Website Tracking provides additional detail that isn't available through Google Analytics. You will see specific lead details – like exactly how this lead found your site and you'll be able to analyze how effective your marketing efforts are.

This functionality isn't only for new online Registrants – you can also track web activity for existing Registrants.

We're excited about these new features. They provide our clients with a significant competitive advantage during these times when there's much focus on generating website traffic and lead nurturing.

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