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Lasso Webinar: The Modern Prospect's Journey

The Modern Prospect’s Journey: Are You Keeping Up?

Do you understand how online leads find you? Do you know the best methods to engage them? On Thursday, February 9th at 12 p.m. EST, Do You Convert’s Mike Lyon and Kevin Oakley answer these questions and more as they present the results of the 2017 Home Builder Follow-Up Survey.

For this year’s joint study with Do You Convert and Lasso, we submitted 150 leads to the top 50 home builders in North America through three specific channels: Facebook (social media), Zillow (syndication sites), and the builder’s website.

We then investigated if online leads are treated differently according to their source. The results will shock you! As an industry, there are new opportunities that we may be missing to connect with the thoroughly modern prospect.

In this free, 45-minute webinar, you will learn:

  • How your competitors today are curb-qualifying online leads by source, and the huge opportunity that creates for you
  • Strategies to make sure you aren’t missing incremental sales by unknowingly ignoring your prospects
  • The shocking result on which lead source (social media, syndication, or builder site) gets the largest number of follow-up phone calls, and why

Everyone who registers for the webinar will receive a copy of the complete survey results when they are published in March. Join us!

Register here for the recorded webinar.


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