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Using Your CRM Post-Sale

The goal of Customer Relationship Management is to move your prospect through the sales funnel to a closing. But did you know that CRM is still a powerful communications tool to use post-sale?

New home sales is no different from any other industry; the best marketing is word of mouth. If your homeowners have had a fantastic experience as customers, they are more likely to mention your company in their circles of influence. Don’t let the experience end at the closing table.

Here are some ways you can continue managing relationships once your prospect becomes a purchaser:

Email Marketing

Build homeowner lists in your CRM and continue to develop content that speaks to them – for example, a monthly newsletter that covers home maintenance, seasonal gardening tips, closet organization, etc.

Social Media

Through tools like Social Connect, find out who is most active on social media and incentivize them with a home photo contest. All of their friends will see their posts, and your company’s social media reach will extend exponentially.

Event Invitations

Invite all or select homeowners to the next open house or grand opening. Have them RSVP through your CRM; they’ll love the chance to attend a party and share their buying experience.

Homebuyer Surveys

Conduct a survey post-sale to find out what homeowners liked most about working with you, and which areas could use improvement. For the most professional approach to homeowner surveys, import your CRM data into a 3rd party survey provider like GuildQuality.

Construction Management

Lasso integrates with Mark Systems’ IHMS construction software. With a click of a button, transfer your purchaser data from Lasso into the IHMS application so that communication continues seamlessly throughout the building process.

Re-Purpose Your Database

If you have sold out of a community, and are preparing to launch another, you’re already a step ahead if you’ve got an active database to market to. Remember to not just batch and blast. Use the custom fields you’ve created to narrow down prospects who may have real interest in the new community.

Have questions about any of the above features? Contact a Lasso team member.

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