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My early morning ritual is to pour myself a coffee and sort through the dozens of marketing emails that I receive daily. Some of them I look forward to reading, others I haven’t yet bothered to click the unsubscribe button. For those that lay in between, grabbing my attention is paramount to keeping me as an engaged prospect.

Last week, one of these in-betweeners that would seldom get me to click-through, managed to do just that. How? They added my name to their call-to-action button.

It’s no secret that personalizing an email will lead to higher open and click through rates. Adding a reader’s name is the easiest, yet debatably one of the most effective ways of doing it.

Did you know that you can use the specialized tokens in your Lasso editor to add personal registrant data to the subject line? The rules apply to any token, but I’ll focus specifically on the “First Name” token. The only thing limiting you from using any of the other tokens is your imagination.

While you can’t use the insert tab to place the token directly into the subject line, you can insert the token into the body of your email, and then copy and paste. When you hit send on your mailing, Lasso will populate that token with your registrant’s name. When your email lands in their inbox, their name is front and center.

If you’ve already nailed down a great subject line and adding personalization doesn’t fit into the plan, you could consider adding it to your preheader text. Placing it in the preheader will add that attention-grabbing element and will still be visible before your readers even open the email. You can read my thoughts on the importance of a well-planned email preheader.

Of course, what brought us here was the idea of adding personalization to your CTA. This tactic provides a solid punch to your email marketing, as CTA buttons are already there for the sole purpose of standing out. My recommendation is to keep the rest of the text short to accommodate all potential names. It’s not such a big deal for Bob, but if your registrant has an exceptionally long name, that will affect the overall size of your button.

You can find imaginative ways to use your registrant’s last name too! Adding the token is just as simple, but finding the right wording requires a bit more thought. Perhaps it’s a catchy subject line like “We need the Smith family in our newest community.” Maybe you can catch your reader’s attention with a CTA like this:

Don’t forget to test before mailing!

A great way to see if these techniques are working is by performing some A/B testing. Take a portion of your mailing list and split it into two–try one with personalization and one without. You can see which one performs better in your Lasso Mass Mail Summary report.

Got some great ideas for personalization? I’d love to hear them! Share them in the comments below.

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