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Using CRM Data to Understand HomebuyersThis post originally appeared on

In a recent blog post, we discussed the kind of information sales agents should enter into their CRM systems to make the selling process more meaningful for homebuyer prospects. In addition to price point, floor plan preferences, and timing of move, we should be sure to enter information at the core of the buying decision. Is this person moving to be closer to family? Have a shorter commute to work? Have a larger yard for the dogs? This is the knowledge that will help your sales teams establish the emotional connection needed to sell a home or lifestyle.

So how exactly do you use this information once it’s entered into your CRM system?

Personalize: Use information stored in the buyer profile to make each interaction highly personal, particularly with “Hot” or “A” prospects. If the determining factor for a move is a shorter commute time, sales agents can research routes and public transportation alternatives for the prospect. If a large yard for the family pet is key, send information on area vets or pet supply stores. The key is to demonstrate how your community benefits them personally, rather than simply demonstrate the community.

Segment: If the information is saved in the CRM database using custom fields and questions & answers, it can be extracted in report form for analysis. This approach is best for sending mass communications that are still customized to buyers’ interests and needs. What are the #1, #2 and #3 reasons people are considering your community? Are there correlations between the reason for moving and floor plan preferences? Segment your database this way to send highly targeted, relevant messages to those most likely to engage or take action.

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