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A couple of weeks ago, I was creating an email for a mass mail.  After testing the template and doing some final Using Campaigns in Lassotweaking it was ready to go; but I wasn’t ready to send it.   I wanted it to be sent as two mailings over the following two days.  I could have set a reminder for myself to send it manually but instead I used the campaign feature in Lasso.  I created a campaign, added the template, selected the recipient group and clicked save.  I was done; I was able to move onto the next task at hand and didn’t have to think about the email again.  Two days later, when the mailings were complete, I was able to review the mass mail report to see the stats of that campaign.  This was simple to do and saved some time.

When planning an event or a special promotion, often multiple emails are created – announcing the event to prospects, maybe a separate one to agents and brokers and then subsequent reminder emails leading up to the event.  Utilizing the Campaign feature in Lasso, you can associate your list of recipients to the mailing, schedule the time to send and then move onto the next item on your list.  If you need to make changes to the template or campaign prior to sending it out, this can be done easily.

A campaign can be created in Lasso by clicking on Campaigns under the Marketing drop-down in Lasso.


  1. Create a new campaign (create a name and add a date range)
  2. Add a mailing: choose a send time, select a template, choose a group or custom list, and determine who the sender should be.

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