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auto-responder emails

An email autoresponder, or auto-reply—one that is automatically triggered in response to a prospect’s action, e.g.: online registration—is one of the most important emails you can send to your registrants. They take little effort to create, while providing a big impact.

When a prospective customer registers online, they expect a reply or confirmation. If you don’t confirm this interaction, they will be left wondering “Did it work? Do I need to do it again?”

You have the capability to set up an auto-reply email directly through Lasso by adding a pre-designed template to your project’s specialized templates. To get you started, we’ve added a selection of sample templates that can be found in the library.

Auto=responder template library

​Your auto-reply can be as simple or as robust as you’d like. Some choose to take this opportunity to tell prospective clients all about their newest community or the builder’s story. However, a simple “Hey there!”, when done well, can be just as effective.

Here are a few things to consider when creating your template:

Receive a greater response from your audience

Auto-reply emails often get more than double the open rate of standard marketing emails as they are sent instantly in response to a customer’s action. Because of this high-level engagement, take this opportunity to give your reader valuable information. Stretch out the engagement with call-to-action buttons and links back to your website. Just be sure the main message in the email is confirming what triggered the auto-reply in the first place.

Create brand recognition

As the engagement level is high, this is a perfect opportunity to introduce or amplify your brand and personality. Every builder and every community is different; this is the time to set yourself apart. Going forward, your registrants should be able to instantly recognize further marketing emails based on the tone set in this initial contact.

Set expectations

In addition to letting registrants know why they should purchase one of your homes, this is also a good opportunity to set expectations for your customer’s journey. Let them know that a consultant will be in touch within a certain time frame so they know that an actual human is looking after their needs. By providing a means for prospects to contact you or to set an appointment, it allows your registrants to feel like they are in control. What you do in this first interaction will set the tone for the entirety of your relationship, so it’s important to be clear from the start.

For relatively little effort, email autoresponders can help you deliver valuable content to registrants, while raising brand awareness.

If you don’t have an email auto-reply in place already, start with a simple welcome email and build on that. Over time, you can review and update your email. When you initiate the relationship with valuable content, it will help establish long-term trust in your brand.


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