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Sales managers need to monitor traffic, sales team activities, and appointments on a regular basis. With the ups and downs of the market, combined with managing a remote team, you need to monitor the sales and marketing activities for your communities and projects more closely than ever before to make sure no lead is left behind.

There are a variety of ways to find this information—using standard reports in Lasso, the new Reporting Dashboard, or by taking advantage of the Lasso Data Export Service and using a Business Intelligence (BI) tool like Google Data Studio.

Lasso Standard Reports

Aggregate Traffic Report

Use your Aggregate Traffic Report to see how much traffic is coming, the source, rating, and sales rep activities.

The Traffic Report on the Lasso Reporting Dashboard, currently in Beta, is a new way to get a graphical display of traffic across all projects, by sales rep, as well as follow-up process.

Sales Rep Registrant Contact

Most sales managers want to know what activities their team is doing. The Sales Rep Registrant Contact report gives managers an indication of how active their sales team is—managers can see the type of contact with registrants and how many phone calls or emails the sales team is making.

(This report is also good for sales agents to view since their manager will be using this as well!)

In the Lasso Reporting Dashboard, managers can create History and Activity Reports for select projects and sales reps. The history report features a chart with the number and type of history items associated with a registrant while the completed activities report displays the number and type of completed activities.

Appointments & Appointment Held

To view the status of appointments in your project, the Sales Rep Appointment Summary lets you see what appointments are open, have been cancelled or completed, and any no-shows.

In the Lasso Reporting Dashboard, you can create Appointments & Appointments Held reports to display whether an appointment was created or held, filtering by such groups as sales rep, source, and ratings.

Registrant Website Analytics

While marketing has Google Analytics to give them an overview of website activity and see trends in general, the Registrant Website Analytics report lets sales teams focus on the website activities of specific registrants in the database.

This report gives your sales team the granular level of detail they need to better understand a prospect’s activity. They can look at which leads have been visiting your website, how many times, and show the rating associated with them. If a lead is rated as “Not Interested,” but has been on the website recently, the sales agent can take a closer look at the individual and decide if further follow-up may be needed.

Mass Mail Summary Report

The Mass Mail Summary report shows the email engagement associated with all your mass mail activity. If you’re a sales manager who is also managing marketing, this is a great report to check on email performance. The report shows key metrics such as how many emails were sent, delivered, open rates, click-through, and opt-outs associated with each email. While the report helps measure the effectiveness of your emails, it can also be used to resend emails to registrants who didn’t open or click on the original email.

Sales can also use this report to see the effectiveness of emails that are automated or sent from the Activity panel on the Sales Center. By selecting the email Type as “Activity” in report instead of mass mail you can see the same open, click-through rates associated with these emails.

Lasso Reporting Dashboard

The new reporting Dashboard is a great way to get a visual representation of your business. There are six report types that you can choose from that give you a cross-project perspective:

  • Traffic
  • Appointments Made
  • Appointments Held
  • Completed Activities
  • Registrant History
  • Sales

Included with your current subscription, the Lasso Dashboard lets you create and save multiple dashboards as well as share templates so other users can use it to build their own.

Advanced Reporting with the Lasso Data Export Service and Google Data Studio

While the above list features just some common reports that you can leverage in Lasso, taking advantage of the Lasso Data Export Service and connecting to Google Data Studio gives you great flexibility in the types of reports you can create. (We suggest Google Data Studio because it’s a free tool, but the Lasso Data Export can be connected to other BI tools).

Using Google Data Studio, you can view information across all projects and build reports to give you the specific information you need.

Our clients have used this tool to build reports that answer the following questions:

  • How many leads converted to an appointment?
  • How many leads became purchasers?
  • How long did it take a lead to become a purchaser?
  • How many new leads were assigned to a sales agent?
  • How many times (and the type) of contact did each lead receive from sales agent?
  • How many leads registered by what source types?
  • How many appoints were schedule and held by my team?
  • How many people are looking for a 3 bedroom home? (whatever questions you’ve asked in your Lasso Q&A you can see in your report.)
  • How many new leads verses return visits?
  • How have my emails been performing across all my communities?

If you want to use Google Data Studio to build your own custom reports, contact your Client Director for more information.

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