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Top 5 Email Marketing Tips for Online Sales Counselors

It is estimated that Online Sales Counselors for home builders and developers spend about half their time creating and sending email. Developing effective email is the cornerstone of any OSC’s job, so it’s important to adhere to best practices and thoughtfully plan your campaigns. Here are five tips to get any OSC started with creating your most effective, engaging email.


1) Segment and Personalize

In your CRM, you should be gathering as many details about your leads as possible using pre-defined question & answer fields. Use this information to create lists of prospects with common interests or demographics and send emails referencing that specific information. You always want your content to be relevant! For example, you might segment your database by a zip code with heavy traffic, and let them know how easy the commute is from your part of town.


2) Incorporate Personal Video

We’ve referenced BombBomb video a few times over the years, but it really is an effective way to grab your prospects’ attention. Video is on the rise for 2018 in all aspects of marketing; people consume it like crazy. According to Hubspot, adding a video to marketing emails can boost click-through rates by 200-300 percent. Also, the average retention rate of personalized videos is 35 percent higher than non-personalized video.  It’s definitely worth the investment! Mike Lyon has been saying this for years.


3) Use Email Templates

If you are using sales processes within your CRM system to follow up with leads, one of the most efficient things you can do is to create email templates ahead of time and attach them to your sales process. That way, when it’s time to send any email, you’ll can simply adjust a few words in your template to personalize it, and send it off. There’s no need to recreate the wheel each time you send an email.


4) Keep Your Lists Clean

It’s important to scour your database periodically to remove invalid email addresses and inactive registrants. The more successful your emails are at reaching inboxes, the higher your sender reputation score. For more tips on cleaning up your database, read the blog post, “5 Tips to Maintain a Clean Email List.”


5) Get Creative with Subject Lines

It’s one thing to make it to the inbox, but what good is a message that’s not read? Write engaging subject lines that draw your readers in. Good rules of thumb are:

  •      Be concise and specific to the email content
  •      Keep subject lines to 30 or fewer characters
  •      Use action verbs
  •      Personalize

There are many more tips to creating effective marketing emails, but these will improve your overall email efforts. For more tips, read the Email Marketing Fast Fives series on the Lasso Blog.


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