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A great sales and marketing site is The company is Go-to-Market Strategies. It is a sales and marketing resource center to help companies “achieve big aspirations with limited budgets”. I recently came across an article on their site called “The truth about selling value . . .“.

The article speaks to the definition of value during the selling process – “the amount of money or relative worth that is considered to be the fair equivalent for what is to be received in return.

The challenge, GTMS states, is that value is in the eye of the buyer, not the seller. And, buyers want to be assured that what they are buying is worth more than what they are paying – they want value-add.

This article rings true for the current new home market. It refers to ways to determine what your prospects value and then market to them. Using functionality within your CRM software, you can survey your prospects and determine what’s important to them and then sell to them accordingly.

Determining your prospects’ priorities and then being able to segment and market to them is critical. For example, some of your additional questions to your Registrants may be whether they prefer the idea of being close to great restaurants or if a new organic grocery store is important; or whether providing free bike storage is important because the majority of purchasers prefer to walk or bike rather than drive a car. Your CRM software can capture all this information, the key here is to use the information so that as you progress through the sales cycle you will be able to show value and value-add and hopefully turn prospects into purchasers.

Remember that your CRM technology can capture an amazing amount of information that can be cleverly used to ensure that what your client values, is what you propose. Think about what information you need that would help you provide value. Use technology to capture this and more.

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