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When a brand-new year approaches the mindset tends to be: what is my resolution for the new year? Studies have shown that roughly 80 percent of people do not keep their resolutions and the majority give up on them before the end of January – me included.

While setting goals to be healthier, more organized or save money are commendable, perhaps it is time to consider taking intentional risks. Eleanor Roosevelt stated, “do one thing every day that scares you.”

Although the average person normally does not gravitate toward this daily activity, perhaps the practice should be considered. Admittedly, being a risk-taker is not for the weak at heart. Failures and mistakes can and will happen along the way but anyone who has experienced the positive results of taking chances will tell you that risk-taking is failure-prone but that is why it is not called “sure-thing taking.”

In our fast-paced sales environment are many risks inherent to the business itself. Giving up weekends and days off and being 100% commission-paid are big chances to take in life, but the rewards for doing so can be immeasurable.

When we take a deep look inside and ask ourselves “What do I want to be or do when I grow up?”, what comes to mind? Perhaps it is time to consider that job change or promotion or perhaps focus on self-development or more training to be a stand-out professional. Learning new closing techniques or beefing up on personal soft skills can make a considerable change at work.

I have spoken with countless individuals over the years who not only have a career and life plan created but the actions needed to get there intentionally mapped out with defined timelines. With these strategies, risks can and will be taken to achieve the milestones. With so many opportunities to produce positive change where could it go wrong? One thing I know for certain, not taking risks is the riskiest move of all.

About the author…

Erica LockwoodErica Lockwood is a distinguished Executive Recruiter focused exclusively within the construction industry. She has been instrumental in securing top talent for builders nationwide for nearly two decades. Erica has evolved into a respected industry thought-leader by continually nurturing relationships and staying connected with today’s influencers and up-and-coming leaders. You can find Erica on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.



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